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How to buy

We have built an automated process which shall send you a random NFT from our collection.

Simply send ADA from your wallet to the following address to receive an NFT back in realtime:


Our pricing structure is this:

  • For 1 NFT - 50 ADA

  • For 2 NFTs - 80 ADA

  • For 3 NFTs - 100 ADA

Our process will attempt to send you a different NFT from our range, to ensure you have different pictures; subject to availability.

To see what is remaining, please click on one of these buttons and you will see exactly what is held in our wallets:

When you receive your NFT's, please then check the "Did I Win?" section to see if your NFT and sequence matches any of the lucky 10.


If it does, congratulations, please follow the instructions there!

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