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Congratulations if you are the holder of a qualitfying token!

Simply contact us, through email, Twitter or Discord!!


The process we'll follow is this:

  • We'll discuss where in the world you are

  • We'll provide you a quote for the shipping fee

  • If we agree on cost, we wrap the package and confirm final price

    • You make the ADA payment for the shipment from a wallet containing the NFT

    • We validate the NFT was present (i.e. owned and matches the sequence number) and then we'll ship

We'll provide you a courier shipment tracking number and will remain continually in contact with you.

You will be required to provide the following for the shipment courier:

  • A name

  • A valid shipping address

  • A contact number or email (the shipment process will require this so that you can be contacted by the courier if required)

We've already successfully shipped to Austria and Florida! We look forward to many others shortly.

Please also remember that the Canvas will be a Gift; therefore it would be sent with a nominal worth for customs purposes.

If the package was to arrive in a bad condition OR failed to arrive, please contact us and we'll discuss remedies to the issue. Trust is required by the buyer, us (as the seller) and the courier. Clearly, we as the seller are VERY keen for the artwork to arrive in your hands!

How do I claim?

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