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Chance to win a canvas!

JES Art's artwork is minted on the Cardano cryptocurrency chain and can be purchased by sending ADA to the provided vending address. Upon receipt of ADA, the vending machine will issue a random Non-Fungible Token (NFT) to you, which includes the chance to win an actual canvas.

Vending Machine

If you're the lucky recipient of a "Canvas Deed" token, you may claim the physical canvas for free, subject to shipping costs or you may sell/transfer the voucher to someone else, who may then claim.


The Canvas claim is not subject to any time limit; in other words, the token represents ownership of the canvas.

VEGAS Pool Delegators

In collaboration with my Dad, any Cardano VEGAS Pool delegator will receive a reduce rate on their first pull.


Further to this, there are 34 VEGAS ADA Cards that will be given to delegators on a first come first served basis until they are gone!


How to vend?

Send exactly 25 ADA to either the Cardano address or the ADA Handle:



If you are a VEGAS Pool delegator, your first pull will cost 15 ADA and you will receive 10 ADA back in change with the NFT

Refunds over 5 ADA will be automated (inc assets), but with a surcharge of 0.2 ADA

(contact VEGAS Pool if ADA less than this amount was sent)

How to claim canvas?

Open Policy: 043845bc939b5eb6f8c58e6272f6045e52e138c0b79ff5634955b72a

Contact VEGAS Pool through one of these channels

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