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Rare Bloom Event

On Friday 14th Oct, the Rare Bloom Event in Denver is happening! I'm going to be flying out and attending some of the days, along with my family (VEGAS Pool is my dad if you didn't already know!)

As part of this, I'm going to do be giving away, 10 Canvases along with their NFTs. Please follow me on twitter and keep an eye out for announcements on how to win if you are attending.

The ten make up a 100 piece set. I've painted ten canvases, using a blend of some of my favourite pieces from my own collection along with HOSKY inspired features (thank you HOSKY Token, Danksy and The Big Le Hosky for allowing me to do this collaboration piece).

Have a look at them on

The NFT's that have a name and trait of 'Effect' as 'Original' shall be reserved and given away at the event, but the other 90 shall be sold this week.

Nobody is ever happy with how distributions go and we have no idea how popular this one will be either. Especially as CNFTCon starts this weekend.

Given this, we've decided to operate a lucky dip process. We're going to open up an address below that you can send to and it will remain open until 09:00 UTC on Tuesday 11th October. We'll then run a lucky pick across all valid entries, returning NFT's to winners and refunds to those that were not.

Entry is 12 ADA (approximately 1.75 ADA shall be returned with an NFT).


A full refund is expected to everyone else

(subject to massive volume; where we might have to charge a little of the transaction fee)

All winners and refunds shall commence @ 13:00 UTC at the latest, on Tuesday 11th

(allowing us time to organise the scraping of the chain and the randomisation)

The official policy id is:



To enter, please send 12 ADA to this address (no more, not less and becareful not to send other tokens, as a charge will be incurred to arrange safe return):

Good luck! Jes x

PRE-SALE ENDED (Please check >

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