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Rare Evo Event


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Prime Colours
Graphic style
Black & White
Opposite colours


Hold up, big news coming your way! So, get this – Rare Evo is where it's at now. Circle August 25th and 26th on your calendar 'cause that's the vibe you don't wanna miss.

Ready for the scoop? My Rare Evo Mountains are gonna steal the show. They're flexing in six styles that are seriously fire – Original, Opposite Colors, Prime Colors, Black and White, Pixellated, and Graphic style. And guess what? They're up for grabs at just $15 or 50 ADA. Yeah, I know, crazy!

Why Mountains?! You'll know when you arrive in Denver!

But wait, it gets even cooler. I've got use of this slick Proof of Onboarding (P.o.O) system. So, at the event, I'm handing out these postcards. Scratch 'em like a lotto ticket and bam! There's a QR code waiting for you. It's like a golden ticket to claim your Cardano NFT. And hold onto your seat 'cause some lucky peeps might just score a real canvas. Yep, you heard it – a legit canvas. Just find me, JES, and we'll make the magic happen. You can pay with cash or tap into your mobile wallet with ADA locked and loaded.

Catch you on the flip side,


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