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IOTA Butterflys

29th July 2021

We (+JES' Dad) received a request for a very unique and special commission in early July '21 by one of JES' biggest supporters. Given JES had finished school, we were accepting all possibilities.

The request being:

"The butterfly which Jes might draw would be for Dominic Schiener as a background picture for his AMA‘s. He is famous in the Iota community. I thought of a butterfly with a Iota logo on it?"

With this in mind, JES' did some research and designed the sketch to the right.

The response was incredible:




"I like that idea! Dom surrounded by butterfly’s creating the Iota logo - But I guess that’s a lot of work for Jes (54 little butterfly’s) But it’s is a Great idea!!"

"You brought my thoughts to another level. I just thought of a big butterfly like the one on the left with a Iota logo in every wing but I like your idea more! Maybe just the Iota logo formed by butterflys.."

With the clients approval, JES' set about painting the commission:


Watch the Timelapse sketch here:

Watch the Timelapse painting here:

The client was delighted! So much so that we've agreed to mint 3 of these on the Cardano ADA chain, one for the client, Dominic and JES.

Further to this, the painting will be sent to Dominic in Germany early August and we intend to mint these on the IOTA blockchain when the capability is available on Mainnet.

If you too would like a commission painted and minted, why not reach out to us via email or twitter?

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