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6th February 2020.


This was a birthday present for my Dad!


He has wanted an F-Type for many many years, but my schooling came first! I'm lucky to have been allowed to attend and be educated at the local private school in the village instead!


F-Type Inspiration.jpg

This painting was inspired by a

photo I found on the internet. I

adapted this through out,

changing the background to

be more subtle and blended, to

make showcase the car.

Dad loved the present and he still loves it now.


(more car working coming soon; as I need to learn more on mechanical proportions. I think a Lambo was suggested by my Dad)!

Update by Dad

I was really chuffed with my birthday present! It was used as part of my visualisation and request to the universe that I would one day be able to own an F-Type. Many say if you do so, the reality will one day present itself. Well, here's my proof of it happening. Just a few weeks ago, a set of circumstances unfolded and it resulted in the affordability of buying this awesome car!

An eco-unfriendly V6, 340 BHP beast! It has a sound and presence to die for!

Thank you JES! x

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